Jerónimo Arenas-García


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Contact Information:

Dep. Signal Theory and Communications
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Avda. de la Universidad 30
28911 Leganés, Spain

Telephone: (+34) 91 624 6251
E-mail: jarenas at ieee dot org
: jeroarenas

Welcome to the homepage of Jerónimo Arenas-García. I am currently a Visiting Professor at the Department of Signal Theory and Communications of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. My present research interests are focused in machine learning and adaptive signal processing, as well as to their application to the analysis of audio data, an application area in which I got involved during my stay as a guest post doc at the Intelligent Signal Processing Group of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), collaborating with the Intelligent Sound Project, an exciting project which, among other objectives, aims at applying data mining and advanced signal processing tools for the development of a music recommendation system. During my doctoral studies I worked on a methodology for the combination of adaptive filters to overcome the limitations of these schemes. I am also an associate member of the PASCAL network.

In my webpage you will have access to my research papers and some teaching materials. I also plan to upload (soon?) research software and demos, as well as to create a section illustrating the main results of my investigation. I am always open to cooperation with people working on similiar or related fields.

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